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Welcome to our Shanghai International Hardware expo Our company will participate in the 35th China International Hardware Fair in 2021, time March 23-25, 2021, address: (National Convention and Exhibition Center), booth number: 1.2 Pneumatic Tools Hall, 1G93, welcome leaders from all walks of life to come and guide.

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hardware tools development is inseparable of internet thinking Undeniably, with the gradual deepening of the "Internet plus" era, the hardware and tools industry has increasingly become a new force in it. However, as one of the traditional industrial industries, how can the hardware tool industry use the Internet platform to integrate information and communication technology, and then create its own new ecological field, and realize the cross-border development of its own enterprises? On this issue, industry experts said that in order to achieve the rapid development of the Internet age of hardware tools, first of all, every hardware tool enterprise needs to have Internet thinking.1/2 bit socket T50

Murdoch, a famous media scholar in the United States, once said that when the original residents in the non digital world are attacked by the digital wave, they think of its rapid departure from the past. However, Chen Honglin, an economist, said: "as a non indigenous people in the Internet world, we do not want to look forward to its past under its invasion, but to learn and master the way of thinking of the Internet, and embrace the Internet from its perspective and keep in line with it, which will lead to our own failure.

Some people don't know what Internet thinking is. In fact, the so-called Internet thinking is an internal way of thinking about products, consumers and business forms in various industries. Under the guidance of this way, it can change the business ecology of the industry. "

In the age of Internet, every enterprise in the hardware tool industry needs to establish a hierarchical system among related personnel, personnel and enterprises, as well as between personnel and various hardware tools, and to design a flat structure. In this structure, consumers are no longer faced with all kinds of hardware products that dealers and agents contact, but directly contact with the tools produced by hardware manufacturers.

Hardware tools manufacturers need to learn to focus on customers in the era of Internet plus, to produce and develop products and related services that customers need, so as to impress every user. That is the core of Internet thinking.

The goal of China's future hardware tools industry In order to be able to quickly change the overall competitiveness of China's hardware tools, the hardware tools have been promoted as a key point in the National 13th Five-Year Plan, especially in the investment and transformation of related technical equipment. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is required that the hardware and tools industry adhere to the development path of low-carbon and environmental protection in the future, and realize the improvement from quantitative to qualitative change. At the same time, we must achieve three big goals.

First, create a group of well-known tool companies

China's hardware and tool enterprises must adhere to the situation of stable growth in the next five years. For the leading domestic enterprises, we must adopt policy support, equity allocation and introduction of international advanced management models and technical equipment, and strive to cultivate in China. Three to five world-class Chinese hardware tools companies and a large number of domestic famous brands to enhance the competitiveness of China's hardware tools in the international arena, while eliminating a number of high-pollution, low-capacity enterprises to achieve the health of the entire industry. development of.

Second, increase the construction of enterprise laboratories

How can hardware tools Industry develop Although China is a major producer of hardware tools, there are as many as 7,000 or 8,000 enterprises related to hardware production alone. Moreover, China's Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are also the centers of hardware tools manufacturing in the world. However, due to the extensive production of hardware tools enterprises in our country and the processing mode of dealers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, our country is still not a powerful country of hardware tools. In the face of the fact that all countries in the world pay attention to the economy and participate in the competition, how should the hardware industry of our country develop in the end is the right way? At the metal industry conference held this year, industry experts focused on two requirements: first, changing the existing production model undeniably, there are many high-quality hardware tools in the hardware tools market in our country. 五金.jpgHowever, the most widely used metal tools are those made of crude, energy-consuming carbon steel materials. The prices of pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers made of these carbon steels are generally in the tens or twenty yuan, and their profits are only a few cents. Most of the materials used in foreign hardware tools are chrome-vanadium alloy steel. Each set of tools is very delicate, and its sales price is more than 100 yuan. Second, if we want to raise the overall level of the hardware tools industry in our country to a higher level, it is impossible to do a good job of brand cooperation. It is impossible to rely on the single fight of each enterprise. It requires each hardware tool enterprise brand to adopt cooperation with each other. The mode of benign competition goes to the road of cooperative brand. Each enterprise takes advantage of its own advantages to common research and development and use resources, strive to produce high-quality hardware tools products, so as to meet the needs of various industries, but also to promote the common development of each other's brands. Therefore, in order to change the existing situation of the hardware tools industry in our country, it is necessary for each production enterprise to change its production mode, to take fine production as its goal, to increase cooperation between enterprises, and to provide high-grade hardware tools for the broad masses of consumers. At the same time, it can also improve the status of our hardware tools in the world.

How the hardware Brand becomes the Model Enterprise of the Industry With the increasing demand for hardcover rooms, customers are demanding more and more hardware tools in the process of home installation. How to ensure the need of tools in various industries has also become an important consideration for hardware tool suppliers. A member of the Yongkang hardware Industry Association of "hardware tools Township" said that in order to meet the needs of the times, Yongkang region now meets the needs of hardware tools and industrial hardware tools of domestic decoration enterprises. Many hardware tools companies use technology and innovation technology, strive to make the brand with high-quality tools to become a model in the industry. The founder of a hardware brand, who had just been established for two years, said that they had founded the hardware tools Company by virtue of Yongkang people's persistent adoption of innovative ideas. Use current advanced production equipment and first-class production process to produce every hardware tool. In the type of production tools, they give up the production of low-end tools, adhere to the "technology products, high-end products, brand products" road, every hardware tool is full of scientific and technological components and innovative elements. It is precisely because of their development concept, two years of development time has made it in the "hardware tools" Yongkang established its foothold. At the same time, because of the high-end and high-tech products, the quality of a number of hardware tools has become a model in the industry products, such as the company's own development of manual tile cutting machines, Because of its application, tile cutting becomes more efficient and simple, reducing the waste of ceramic tile because of cutting carelessly, and it has been loved by people in home decoration industry since it went on the market. Hardware tools belong to an industry that never goes out of date, but in order to keep pace with the times at a high speed in the contemporary high-tech development, we should not only constantly improve our management and innovation consciousness, but also insist on R & D and manufacturing. Sales and capital operation are based on the "customer-oriented" business philosophy, such hardware suppliers are the example of the development of the industry.

The most important thing to buy a cupboard is to see the hardware tool accessories In the quality of family life , kitchen decoration is very important for home decoration , but in the kitchen decoration , it is very easy to be neglected , but also the most important aspect is hardware , especially in the whole kitchen . Hardware is very important . The kitchen has many oil smoke , the environment is moist , the hardware is able to adapt to be a key , the service life of the cabinet is the hardware , should say hardware is a very important sign to distinguish the cabinet . timg.jpgKitchen hardware tools , to connect the door panel and the cabinet body accurately , and hardware must bear the weight of the door plank alone , to keep the consistency unchanged . If hardware quality is poor , use a certain period of time will slip off the corner , front - back . Buy the kitchen hardware hinge , should choose that kind of easy to install and disassemble , no tools should also be able to dismantle itself . This simpler kitchen hardware tool , is very popular . The damping system is mainly applied to the cabinet door and the cabinet drawer . Therefore , the damping system is very important to the cabinet door . For example , the damping drawer has automatic closing technology and buffering technology , so that the drawer filled with the kitchen item can be automatically closed after buffering , so that the various articles in the drawer can be automatically closed after buffering , but the collision is not caused , and the damping drawer can be automatically and slowly closed by pushing the drawer lightly . Other hardware items on the cabinet also have folding doors and aluminum alloy skirting . In addition to seeing the whole , it must not be overlooked when purchasing cabinets . In the market , the import hardware of Italy and Germany is a large share , and they are the world ' s largest producer of hardware in the forefront . But our country also has some very good hardware tools brand , the purchase time as much as possible the brand of hardware tools , because the kitchen hardware tools are to be used for a long time , the daily use frequency is very high , so it is also worthwhile to spend more money .

Four Directions for the Development of Hardware Tools in the Future China's traditional hardware tools market, along with the rapid development of the Internet industry has gradually changed the old practices of the past, now has entered a need to pay close attention to the transformation and upgrading of the current stage, whether foreign or domestic market, hardware tools, hardware tools market, development has stabilized, the pace of development of the industry, no activity, compared with the past, so the hardware industry must find new development and growth.

The future development of the hardware industry will be based on the Internet as the core, to system integration, lean, intelligent and high-end of the four direction of the industry upgrade.

1, intelligent

Artificial intelligence is more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to, many enterprises in the development of artificial intelligence, are beginning to invest a lot of money and manpower, the aim is to lead other enterprises. Only quickly seize the intelligent equipment industry, to help enterprises to produce more high quality products. It can quickly in the equipment within the industry but the quality of the products, talent shows itself, is always the fundamental foothold in the market.

2, high-end

The fierce competition in the hardware industry in the world is in urgent need of the transformation of the hardware industry The hardware industry is facing challenges in terms of management tools, management experience and management personnel. Price management, market management and sales management are only at a medium level at present, and the economic management mode has not really embarked on the ideal agent way.

At present, many domestic manufacturers and brand core competitiveness is very weak, there is a diversification strategy and excessive competition, now the size of Chinese hardware enterprises is relatively small, so you should hurry all, should be the first type of product to do fine, do the world first-class products. The company is familiar to all of us, are for everyone to leave a a very clear impression, it is not very large, but to achieve the ultimate product.

Now our hardware manufacturers scale is limited, it is difficult to melt into the capital. Compared with the design capacity of the hardware business and the international enterprises in the design of hardware, ability and processing means, are far behind them, transnational hardware have advanced design, but the hardware enterprises in our country, at present is the lack of funds, lack of technology, most of the products in the same level, development difficulties, tend to fall into a price war.

We see that the multinational enterprises have the hardware property rights, modern enterprise system operation, but the traditional hardware manufacturing enterprise in our country, there is also a circle, it is still the traditional management mechanism, because these companies are mostly out of the traditional mechanism, so these are restricting competitive play.

Although the China hardware enterprises in the world have a space for one person, however, compared with the distance from the global hardware enterprises, now the world famous hardware enterprises have entered the market of Chinese hardware hardware enterprises in our country, the form of absolute pressure and challenges.

Wuyi hardware tool Expo held in full swing, attracted much attention Wuyi recently held a National Hardware Expo has been highly viewers from all walks of life, there are more than 200 companies from across the country have come to the scene of the exhibition, attracted each city buyers to stop at the Convention Center, the development of hardware tools will help make better progress.

Hardware tools in China sales exist lag sexual problem, an important reason is that the publicity is not in place, there is occlusive advertising. Therefore in the Expo site, the exhibition held, the product can boost sales of new level, to establish a brand image. Seek in trade partners, and seek new development in the investment on the road to prepare.

Wuyi hardware tool Expo has gone through eighth thoughts, in the exhibition center area of eight thousand square meters, effectively divided according to the characteristics of specific regions, were set up by high and low three stalls, let more friends a comprehensive market in the booth, as sales climbed up the lead effectively.

Through the convening of Hardware Expo, but also for the realization of hardware tools development direction of the new location provides an important guarantee for the form, so that each brand can play a strong propaganda effect, the effective participation in helping production enterprises, but also provides a better target, during the negotiations as well as the depth of cooperation, to provide important performance a new platform and direction.

Hardware tools market is in the growth rate tends to slow, is the transformation and development of itself, there is still a certain influence in the development and application of the link, to expand and adjust through the optimization and transformation of the industry, both to ensure better progress in the five gold market, also can guarantee the realization of the rise in sales of products in the future.

Credit sale has become shackles of hardware tools can not progress The development of the hardware industry need is motivation as a support, in recent years, the traditional market is in the speed of development, there is a certain lag among the factors, an important reason is that credit pattern is ingrained, thus affecting the market growth. Hardware toolstimg.jpg

This way need to spend money to buy goods purchase, sellers need to pressure the way, natural to the industry caused a lot of damage. The money stock finished is that nowadays many industries are an important reason for concern, in the course of the development of modern society, many emerging industries have been able to rapidly rise, is not Yakuan. Adhering to the principle of small profits, a firm foothold in the industry. But for the hardware market, clearly the existence of this problem, which affects on sales lagged, which will make the future of the field of marketing, there are a lot of problems, unnecessary damage caused for the subsequent development for this, hardware tools market, is obviously lagging performance.

Credit to the modern society, it is a kind of criticism, although also become imprisoned hardware tool chains, allow it to adapt to the change of the development of the times, also affected the growth and development process of hardware tools. In today's society, more and more friends to fully understand its characteristics, also let more friends to understand the obstacles.

In fact, if within the industry to establish the green consumption mode, this is to correct the chaos in the industry, let the enterprise obtain the progress and growth in the competition, will open a new side. During the hardware business, through the introduction of new products to attract eyeballs, so as to achieve the sales promotion effect, which will make the market prospects for future development bring more hope and future.

Hardware tools although the starting point is low, but the range of face sales groups and even the market still can not be ignored, if we can change the management idea, change the trading mode, in the course of development of modern society, is made to improve the turning point and the important direction for progress, to lay a more solid foundation in the future business.

Pay attention to Internet marketing to provide new ideas for the benefit growth of hardware tool industry Hardware tools as the traditional marketing industry, achieve rapid transformation within a short period of time naturally want to still exist, some problems and obstacles. In fact, try to use the Internet marketing mode, for their own products, to improve market and customers to achieve better diversification, is the prerequisite of the development and direction of the best. You get the love and attention, is the key to realize the effective growth.index.jpg

Comprehensive analysis of the present situation of market development, expand the field of Internet technology, it is to ensure that progress is promoted in the future. The key influence by business online and offline sales concept to help, is the key to realize three-dimensional marketing network. After all, the advent of the Internet era, to win the trust of customers, users get the support and praise of nature, is needed in every aspect to make adjustments, it is important to help select standard breakthrough and progress in future market.

The pace of the Internet has become an important development trend of marketing, so hardware tools should be exposed to the society is the key to keep pace with the times is not eliminated by the society. Whether brands or dealers, business and sales development based on its own strength, is the most used method properly, the network marketing is the best method for performance rise, was worth every industry attention. Any enterprise wants to seek development, not be eliminated in the progress of the times, follow the footsteps of the times go off together, to ensure that the Internet marketing in the future, the key to success, for the next market to expand, for the performance was rising to achieve better results. To make a change from the previous hardware stores to encounter bottlenecks now hinder, obviously still a big Problems need to be overcome, but as a wise operator, learn to walk in the forefront of the times, looking forward to the future development process, is the most critical component

Hardware tools in the field of rapid promotion can not be ignored Hardware tools in the course of the development of the market, can be said to have entered the bottleneck period. In the face of sluggish factors in the development of the enterprise, as business is concerned, the natural need is summary and related treatment in all aspects, this is to ensure that in the fierce competition in the market, still have a seat the key.1-160912153fyv.jpg

Now facing hardware problems, is vicious price competition, zero profit cost of sales and credit culture popular, with three mountains blocked the concerned for their own development in the industry, or to consider a special attention, avoid operating in the next stage, cause unnecessary influence. The hardware industry in the market development process, can be used to describe the low level, because the threshold is relatively low, so more and more manufacturers have stopped here, resulting in the meager profits, affect the development of future sales areas. In this case, pay attention to the quality and create the brand. This might be a new way.

To know the rising cost of raw materials, if the processor hardware tools, still have to keep the original price, in the natural texture is bound to be affected. During the daily operation of the users, found that poor quality products, will also be measured and positioned in the heart, this for business in the event of loss of customers next face no doubt has become a necessary trend of the development. So in order to solve this problem, pay attention to ensure the quality of product service life and long, for the steady growth of sales, is the best form of expression is more worthy of being respected by the public, has won a high degree of attention and praise from the market.

Hardware tools in various industries as a market for essential products, no doubt, the key is how to marketing, can achieve long-term stable supply. The price and quality is always proportional relationship, for manufacturers and sales agents, integrity management focus on the details of the series is the key to stable survival.

Hardware tool Expo opens the "wisdom made" trend About hardware tools, in the impression of people is nothing more than a variety of different types of pliers, wrench, screwdriver, these common household tools, in fact, with the current industrial production needs and technology continues to improve, the new hardware is more and more in the field of vision of people, especially people in visited recently the Hardware Expo is to present with hardware tools entered the intelligent stage.

In May this year, Zhejiang Wuyi Exhibition Center held a special Hardware Expo and electric tools supporting the meeting, attended the meeting and Expo including more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known hardware tools, electric tools, supporting collaboration between production enterprises, all participating in the fair on their production of sophisticated hardware tools, electric tools and high-end DC the UAV shows that people eye-opening, especially intelligent tools show is attracting most of the people's attention.

The Zhejiang Wuyi adjacent to Yongkang and Yiwu, geographical advantages make it become hardware tools industry and auto industry distribution center and production base, especially in recent years, people on the hardware tools of the increasing demand is to increase the total output value of Wuyi area hardware tools and electric tools. It is reported that only in in 2016, Wuyi electric tool area shipments amounted to 4 billion, of which the hammer production occupied the country's share of about seventy percent.

In this exhibition, people see the high-tech to bring people surprise. Every manufacturer will own the company carefully developed high-tech tools in the Expo conspicuous position, and a dedicated staff to tell people their manufacturers for products of black technology, the entire exposition in a sense is a hardware the tool shows. In addition, a tool company from Zhejiang in order to attract the attention of passers-by, also carried out a UAV performance.

For the convening of the hardware and electric tools supporting the meeting, organized the meeting said the staff of the Expo for hardware products exhibition, has an important significance to promote enterprise and brand, it will greatly promote the National Hardware industry healthy development.

Hardware tools industry to enter the Internet without delay As people's daily life and work of the most commonly used hardware tool industry, its development is not so fast as the previous two years, facing the low price competition not profit, and suffered credit wind, the whole industry development the bottleneck stage. So, in the age of the Internet today, whether hardware tools have to enter the Internet sales model? The answer is yes, but also the urgent implementation of Internet sales.timg.jpg

Because of the type of hardware is numerous, the price is relatively cheap, to lower the threshold, this also caused a large number of hardware manufacturers, dealers into hardware tools market. But this time they are faced with many hardware tools for technical content is not high, innovation is not enough, the product difference between products and people really need good hardware for the product is not much. But even so, facing the huge consumer market, manufacturers and dealers in the sales volume and profit decline still persist.

In addition, the credit is the sales model also allows many dealers and manufacturers into a quagmire. According to the relevant departments for investigation, now a lot of hardware distribution is to rely on the sale of upstream enterprises to maintain the status quo, dealer sales even as high as twenty million, which on the upper reaches of the enterprise accounts payable to high of4489, unable to return home when the home accounts, the family will also because of funding problems affecting their development.

With the rise of the Internet, the hardware industry to join the "Internet plus" marketing model will greatly improve the current development bottleneck situation. After the hardware tools to establish their own brand of Internet marketing channels, the use of online with offline stereo sales model in the largest effort to consumers. This model can not only understand that most consumers the hardware products at the same time, single handedly pay on delivery settlement can also relieve all kinds of problems caused by poor circulation.

In short, the rise of the Internet will bring hardware tools different opportunities for development, hardware tools industry to take off, the army into the Internet is also imperative

Why hardware prices vary greatly? About access to the people living in the hardware tools, there is always a great feeling, because of its variety, use is also involved in all aspects of people's lives, the price difference is very big, small to a few pieces of hair, while tens of thousands. So, in the end what kind of factors make hardware tools the price difference on the market is so great, we take a look at the industry experts is how to explain it

In fact, the main reason of the price difference is the difference of function and hardware tools and technology. "Industry experts said. Different hardware tools which is used for fastening, such as pliers to cut off effect, and bending the metal wires, the wrench is used to tighten or loosen the bolts, and so on, it is also because of these differences in function and use of the difference is caused by different kinds of hardware tools. Even in the same hardware tools, different styles of the tools included in the technology content is different, for those with high technical content, full-featured hardware tools, their cost is high, the price is more than the average the price of expensive hardware tools.

"The difference in addition to their function, hardware tools sales area and brand influence size is also affect factors hardware tool price differences." industry experts tell all consumers. For those areas of economic development, people's income is relatively high, the consumption level is higher, and the tool of making material freight that labor costs will be higher, which will increase the cost of making it invisible, the sales price is also high.

In terms of brand influence, high visibility, high credibility of the famous brand products in order to be able to maintain its security and reputation, its promotional costs, advertising costs will also invest more, and these costs will be integrated into the price, which is why the famous brand tools expensive than ordinary hardware tools.

In a word, there are many factors that affect the price of hardware tools, but the principle of "one penny for one" is still to be noticed by every consumer. We should not seek the hardware tools that are cheap to buy

How should the user choose the right hydraulic wrench? In the actual production and life, and remove the bolt preload large must use professional hardware tools, that is hydraulic wrench. So, in the end with the usual manual hydraulic wrench wrench and what is the difference between the working principle and composition of it? What is the case, people should choose the appropriate tool. Hydraulic wrench? Today we'll look at hardware tools manufacturers staff is how to tell people.4_63f326de6295d5c84f28da089a90db9b.jpg

First of all, for hydraulic wrench products, as the name suggests, it is relying on the use of hydraulic technology, in the concrete work, with its special pump as a power source, only the piston rod of the hydraulic torque of the internal drive back and forth do action in use, we can achieve the preload and remove the bolts in the composition of functions. The specific structure, which consists of a working head, hydraulic pump and high pressure pipe sections, wherein the working head used to hold convenient to tighten or loosen the bolts, hydraulic pump is the main power source, electricity or compressed air drive are possible, and the high pressure pipe in the hydraulic wrench as a media, it the main function is to transfer power to the working head.

Secondly, on the choice of hydraulic wrench, it should be from the two main aspects of the specification and the size of the bolt itself bolt torque consideration. Bolt in the specifications above, now bolt models are commonly used M36, M42, M48 several, which corresponds to the type of hydraulic wrench is 55,65,75, of course, in the actual work because of work need to have a bolt size bigger or smaller, the wrench in the choice of hydraulic wrench can choose two types of wrenches or special models. On the bolt torque size, the main consideration with bolt type, different materials, and the difference between making process reasons, because these differences will cause the torque, so the choice of the best hydraulic wrench bolt torque to understand, and then select the appropriate wrench and tighten or loosen. The hardware industry experts said in a Like, as long as can take into account the bolt torque specifications, size selection factors driving the corresponding wrench can be used, but there is a limit or thread twisting bolts have longer in space when it is best to use the hollow hydraulic wrench

In 2017, the market share of electric hardware tools was far ahead An electric tool belongs to hardware tools, product application field is very extensive, electric tools into different kinds, mainly grinding electric tools, metal cutting electric tools, electric tools for railway, assembly of electric tools.timg.jpg

And in daily life when often used to hardware tools are very much, such as electric wrench, impact drill, etc., different types of tools with different fields. In our country there is strong demand for electronic hardware and tools, this also leads to the rapid development of the hardware industry in every corner of the world, you can see China hardware products figure, this is because with the rise of Chinese manufacturing, from application to quality and other aspects, Chinese hardware products have been to the world.

2017 hardware tools will change? The hot search ranking can see, 2017 hardware category search ranking, followed by hardware accessories, hardware tools, fasteners, wire mesh, abrasives, locks and so on. The hardware proportion is 31%, in the first place to far.

Hardware tools, daily drilling drilling, electric tools, engraving the hot, also reflects the market demand in the house become a craze in the environment, building decoration industry has been rapid development, is also one of the auxiliary tool for electric tools, so followed. Many families in the purchase of household electric tools, these are the product will increase the demand for electric hardware advantage is very prominent, such as convenient operation, easy portability, simple structure, easy maintenance and many other advantages, in the construction industry, bridge construction, railway, highway, machinery manufacturing industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and other departments of agriculture production application widely, and service in Home Furnishing decoration etc, also have a lot of applications. Using hardware tools, can improve the processing quality, improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity, the effect is obvious, so deeply Welcome

China's hardware tool industry has gone to a high standard, high quality, high efficiency road of development Our hardware tool has experienced many years of development, has become a world power industry, annual sales of more than one hundred billion, of which exports more than 14 billion U.S. dollars. Hardware tools has experienced rapid development, through the deep analysis of industrial development, now has formed a certain marketing ability and strong manufacturing capabilities, hardware tool industry in our country in the future, will move toward the high-end, boutique, professional road.

China is now the largest hardware tools in manufacturing and exporting industry is in recession period, compared to the traditional European power tool manufacturing face, China hardware tools are to gentrification, cluster and specialization.

During 13th Five-Year, the backbone of the enterprise hardware industry, using tools to repair and machining, forging and combination of CNC machine tools and other advanced processing, in the controlled atmosphere heat, environmental protection electroplating and other advanced technology to transform, improve the hardware industry labor productivity, but also improve the level and quality of products, the added value to the high standard, high efficiency, innovation and development of high quality road.

Now to promote sales in the industry standards, based on strengthening foreign exchange, construction, manufacturing and other aspects, strengthen Chinese hardware industry in the world, with the enhancement of comprehensive national strength and technology, high-end manufacturing industry in our country has been recognized worldwide, which is internationally recognized as the solid foundation of hardware products.

To enhance the rise of Chinese manufacturing cannot do without hardware tools manufacturing level, now the national promotion "The Belt and Road" for hardware tools to emerging markets has laid a good groundwork.

Hardware tools four future development requirements At present, China's hardware tools market has stabilized, the pace of development of the industry in a changing process, in order to maintain the vitality of development, now the hardware industry, is looking for a new growth point, the development of today's highly developed Internet, the development of hardware tools want to get better, must take the Internet as the core, system integration, precision, intelligent, high-end four directions, so as to get the industry upgrade.五金.jpg

High-end hardware tools

The development of technology for hardware tool life becomes longer, in industrial production, hardware tool wear rate is very low. Because caused by the wear of tool change is very small, so that the hardware tool life longer, the replacement rate is on the decline, but more versatile hardware tools began to appear on the market among them, gradually replaced the simple single function. Hardware tools has become a high-end development direction. In the production of hardware tools, if can produce high-end hardware and tools, so as to maintain stability in the industry competition, sustainable development.

The precision of hardware tools

At present, China's domestic industry is the city industry transformation. The market for precision tools. The increasing demand of current our country in the aspect of production tools, have accumulated technology and experience, but compared with foreign countries the gap is still relatively large, now China is explosive need high precision hardware tools hardware. The tool of production enterprises, began to consider to the precision of the direction of development.