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Auto-Feed Screwdriver Bits

Autofeed Screwdriver Bits

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Autofeed Screwdriver Bits PH2

Autofeed Screwdriver Bits

Extra long Screwdriver Bits PH2 (150mm)

Size: H1/4*150*5.0PH2

Laser Marking

Other size available: 110mm,120mm,200mm,250mm etc.

Autofeed Screwdriver Bits is special used on automated screw feed system machine, so that quality and Shaft concentricity correction demand'll be higher. our screwdriver bits's shaft concentricity correction standard can be 0.15mm, same level to Japan,Germany's brand.

4mm screwdriver Bits PH0

4mm electric automated & autofeed screwdiver bits

Site: φ4mm*80*1.7*PH0

Other size and Length available: PH00,PH1,100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm etc.

Recommend usage on HIOS Electric screwdrivers

200MM POZI screwdriver Bits PZ2

Extra long POZI Screwdriver Bits PZ2

Size: H1/4*200*6.0*PZ2

Laser Marking

Other Size & Length available: PZ0,PZ1,PZ3,PZ4,100mm,150mm,250mm etc.

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