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Technology article

Nowadays hole process technology

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2012-11-24 00:38:51 Hits:1 Comment:0

Solid Carbide End Mills, indexable inserts, for the first drill bit is becoming the dominant product of modern drill tool, but it has its advantages and limitations of each drill, so the drilling processing operations, how to properly Select the drilling tool to ensure efficiency and quality precision play a decisive role.

Indexable insert drills is very good performance in transmittance, low cost of drilling units, but the accuracy is not high, the conventional expected tolerance is IT11-12, this tool is characterized by good operating diversity and a high degree of security, and lower processing economy, it is more suitable for the processing of large quantities of drilling.

Technology development application for the first drill is more flexible than the indexable inserts purposes and has better hole machining accuracy, the the usual tolerance as IT9 10, is widely used in different parts processing applications, drilling plus tapping drill main hard carbide cutter head perfect combination of lower tool of economic and easy operation of the cutter head replacement.

Solid Carbide Drills, cobalt drills slowly improved evolved and improved capabilities include cutting parameters, tool life, tolerances and surface roughness, chip removal, reliability and repairability. Betterthe transmittance and the accuracy of the hole, usually the tolerance is IT8-9, depending on the application.

Drilling is the most common one of the metal processing step, thus improving the method and the efficiency of the drilling can provide a greater economic benefits for the production and processing, and improved drilling capacity is usually the most common equipment improvements one of the items, each time It is necessary to develop or update a drilling program, before processing the global planning, tool selection of parts and drilling the required accuracy is the most basic, but also pay attention to the solutions compare basic reference parameters including tolerances, surface roughness, pore size, hole depth, with or without secondary processing, materials, tool clamp, spindle speed, batch size and flexibility, the majority of the diameter of the borehole is between 12-20 mm, hole depth is 2-5 times the diameter, typically the diameter of the tolerance range of the machining steel member is IT8-12 about the machining requirements for any kind of drilling can be provided in the speed, durability, safety, and hole quality better enhance the competitiveness of the solution.

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