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Technology article

Carbide drill bits brief introduction

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2012-11-26 18:36:25 Hits:1 Comment:0

Now the Carbide Drill Bits on the market generally overall drill tungsten steel, while the same material, but due to the process, the quality of products of various brands disparities. Imported and domestic alloy drill very different. The imported alloy drill Usually VHM micro grain hard alloy (ISO K40), the ultrafine particle type (0.6μm) in a high performance drill and the application of the ordinary milling, the hardness and toughness ideal combination.

Alloy bit carbide drill points overall, welding, indexable blade and exchangeable-head. The main component of the cemented carbide is tungsten carbide, cobalt, generally relatively high hardness HRC90 degrees or more, in the batch processing as well as difficult hardware processing occasions more applicable!

Will be taken to the surface of the alloy drilling of high-quality coating process, such as aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN) coating, the coating is a monolayer coating, the thickness of 4μm, the friction coefficient of the micro-hardness of 3200HV, 0.35, thermal stability up to 1100degrees Celsius. Coated drill color was blue-gray.

Coating alloy drill processing of low-alloy steel, high-strength steel. High capacity of hard steel 54HRC—68HRC.

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