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Technology article

How to choose high quality Screwdriver Bits

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2012-12-02 01:20:05 Hits:40 Comment:0

Screwdriver Bits, alias screw bits, driver bits, according used type can sort electric driver bits type, air pneumatic driver bits type and manual operation type. Now is lot driver bits brand in the market, price and quality are different so far. Sometimes maybe let customer confuse and don’t know how to choice. Certainly the Japan’s brand and Germany’s brand quality is good, but the price are higher, nowadays economy environment is not good, manpower cost is high lead to the material high too, All enterprise need to reduce produce cost to operate.

But high quality Screw Bits non other choice expect Japan, Germany brand? Our ZHIDA brand’s Screwdriver Bits completely can instead of Japan’s brand for high demand produce assemble and reduce vendor’s produce cost. Just let us analysis some effect driver bits quality’s factor.Screwdriver Bits

1.       The Screw Bits material. Material is the basic for decide the screw bits’s quality. Nowadays the best steel to produce screwdriver bits’s material is TaiWan’s S2 alloy steel. Reasonable chromium and molybdenum element content let the S2 alloy steel’s toughness is better than other steel, and the hardness can be HRC 58—62. now China inland have China’s S2 steel, but the chemical composition is different for TaiWan’s S2 steel. The toughness and torque, resist fatigued are worse than TaiWan’s. the price is lower. And now the market have some fake S2 steel, it need carburize to heat treatment to increase the hardness to HRC59. of course the quality is not good.

2.       The Screwdriver Bits heat treatment technology. Heat treatment can promote the steel’s chemical properties, can give play the steel’s best torque to promote the driver bits quality. Each manufacturer’s heat treatment technology is different, and is commercial secret.

3.       The Screwdriver Bits machining accuracy. The driver bits’s size accuracy effect the bits service time direct. The same screw, if use a cheap driver bits to insert, maybe you’ll found the goodness of fit is not good, and very loose, then you’ll know the bits quality and not need to test, Our ZHIDA’s driver bits head size not only compliant the DIN’s gages, our machining accuracy can under control in 0.02mm, and projective each bits’s head size, Special for the small precision driver bit size, is easy broken and transformation when it  produce, that’s same level for Germany’s brand.driver bits

4.       Screwdriver Bits shank concentricity correction. Lot manufacturer non  correction the driver bits concentricity for each bits. Special for the small size precision electric driver bits, change diameter bits, long length driver bits, you can easy to found the shank crooked, usually these bits crooked when it produce or heat treatment, such driver bits when it fit into the air screwdriver or electric screwdriver and turn, it’ll runout very big. It effect the bits service time obvious. Our ZHIDA’s driver bits are shank concentricity correction for each bits, same level for Germany’s brand, so our ZHIDA’s screwdriver bits completely can instead of some famous brand, hope we can made long business partner ship in the near future.

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