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Technology article

DLC coating extensive use in cutting tools market

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2013-01-23 01:38:16 Hits:1 Comment:0

Carbide End mills etc Different characteristics and other diversity of the cutting tool and cutting tool determines the choice of coating, turning and drilling, End Mills Also consider the characteristics of his intermittent shock..

The early cutters coating mainly wearable, the key is to improve the hardness, such as titanium nitride coating has a high coefficient of friction, but the processing time with the workpiece constant friction will generate a lot of heat, a lot of heat causes the cutter overheating occursdeformation affecting the machining accuracy led directly to shorten the life of the cutting tool. Cutting fluid commonly used to solve this problem. Cutting tool in addition to improving the secondary contamination but also to minimize the cutting service life outside only possible, use dry cutting, cutting fluids must be done only with rust inhibitor must workpiece with a cutting fluid organic matter, can greatly reduce the cost of recycling.


Advocate dry processing in order to minimize the cutting fluid machining, cutting tool coating in addition to longer tool life, must also own lubricated functionality. The DLC coating machining obvious advantages, but the high internal stress, poor thermal stability, and a black metal catalyst effect SP3 the steering SP2, currently only used in non-ferrous metal processing. But the latest study found that SP2 structure of diamond-like carbon coating hardness can reach 20 ~ 40GPa, and will not play a catalytic effect and ferrous metals, low coefficient of friction with good moisture resistance, fully capable of cutting and dry cutting coolant, life than uncoated tool to extend more than 1.5 times, more suitable for the processing of stainless steel 316 high strength just turn widely cited by the tool manufacturer.

I believe that DLC coated tools in the near future will be widely used in the cutting area.

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