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Technology article

CNC cutting tools ablation cost

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Due to The Carbide End Mill etc cutting tools is not part of the core competencies processing plants, in order to confirm whether the factory grinding reasonable must be carefully analyzed.


The processing plant must be able to specify a full-time operator to operate the machine. Cnc tool grinding operator training is not difficult, but he must have about five years of experience in operating CNC machine tools. In addition, the operator must also have good knowledge of tooling. Processing plant can be equipped with a CNC grinder is reasonable based on the financial and flexibility reasons investigated. From a financial perspective, using a standard tool processing plants each year in tool regrinding at least need to spend $ 200,000. However, the use of non-standard tools or frequent tool of the processing plant, equipped with internal regrinding facilities, you can quickly re-grinding tool.


Pro manual grinder grinding tool within the company and a number of issues. For example, a grinding tool you need more than one machine. For example, grinding a drill on a slot machine, a cylindrical grinder and a sharpening machine. This requires multiple setups. In contrast, a CNC grinder to complete a complete grinding only need a single setup. The same time, a CNC grinding machine covers an area of ​​more than one manual grinder is smaller. Another issue is closed manually machine carbide chip formation dirty. Most importantly, the manual grinder depends on the operator Expertise, which has now become an increasingly scarce resource.


Lastly, manual grinding time is much longer than cnc grinding. The data of Table 1 is a car provided by the manufacturer, in which the manual and


Outsourcing involves a problem is the lack of flexibility. For example, if the processing plant, the tool has a special geometry, or involved in development work need to quickly resolve the tool features, may encounter a very long time regrinding. In addition, the processing plant's external co-tool regrinding quality control is very small. Outside the co-process is determined by the re-grinding plant, the timing of the various projects, processing plants are likely to find themselves to be re-routed to the grinding tool long a team the last. Internal grinding processing plant to control the priority and timing re-grinding tool.


cnc grinding is not only faster than manual grinding, can also be processed at the same time a better, more consistent tool, because it does not depend on the skill of the operator. Many high-speed machining centers with complex geometry of the tool, such as its different helix structure drill each tooth, or the entire tool changing drill helix. Such a tool is difficult or impossible to say is formed by manually grinding good results. And through a variety of software options, New Carbide Drill Bits cnc grinding to ensure there is no deviation in diameter interdental space, tool radius, so each tool will even cutting. Non-uniformity of these characteristics may lead to additional stress on the teeth of each knife, thereby reducing tool life. Tool ensure the consistency the long uninterrupted cutting tool change time can be based on actual conditions, thus completely exhausted the useful life of the tool. In addition, the tool of a workpiece number of production scheduling and accurately determined, thereby reducing tool inventory. Heating at least a good tool vibration is low, and therefore a longer tool life, less maintenance, while the machined surface roughness higher. Further,


Typically, manual grinding is done in the dry state, cnc grinding has many coolant option. Using a high-pressure coolant cutting edge fever can be prevented, thus ensuring the cutting speed is higher, longer tool life.


The cutting speed is the most important factor to achieve a high economic productivity, rather than the cost of the tool or the tool life. For example, the industrial data show that the 30% reduction in tool costs only 1% reduction in the cost of each product. Similarly, the tool life is increased by 50% also can make the cost of the product is reduced by 1%. However, the products of the cutting speed increased by 20% The cost reduction of 15%.


Tool: an outer diameter of 0.5 inches. 3 inches long, with a square stern carbide end mills. Processing 8 hours a day, 250 days a year, each time re-grinding from the factory for 10 days.


The total cost of outsourcing throwaway tool related to the cost of production tools, plus maintain production cost of the necessary spare parts, as well as service and transportation costs, more importantly, the loss of production in the regrinding service delay event occurs during the throwaway tool the aspect of cost. These costs in the annual expenditure will increase the lot of a fee. For example, an outer diameter of 0.5-inch tail end mills, tool changer 20 per cut four hours, working conditions 250 days a year 8-hour shift, assuming regrinding turnaround time of 10 days, then outsourcing tool wear cut annual expenditure of $ 206,000, as shown in table 2. If the same tool change 40 times, the duty cycle shortened to two hours, then the annual expenditure rose to $ 824,000. Side of the true cost of the internal cnc grinding tool including machine costs, operator costs and workshop miscellaneous expenses, much lower than the cost of outsourcing tool grinding cnc grinding machines for the $ 000 cost of $ 28.09 per hour equally consumable parts and cost). General operator cost of $ 18.33 / hour, the total cost of running such a cnc grinder $ 46.42 / hour. For on exception diameter of 0.5 inches, 3 inches long tool change 20 times or 40 times the tail end mills, annual internal tool regrinding costs about outsourcing regrinding 1/4.

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