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Technology article

Cutter, which has several categories and use?

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom:Cutter Date:2013-08-29 00:01:24 Hits:0 Comment:0

Cutter for milling, having one or more teeth of the rotary tool. The work of the tooth in order to intermittently cut the workpiece margin. Milling cutter is mainly used in the machining plane, step, grooves, forming the workpiece surface and the cutting and so on.

Cutter, which has several categories and use?:

Cylindrical cutters:
Horizontal milling machine for machining plane. Teeth distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter, by toothed spur and helical teeth into two kinds. By the number of teeth of coarse teeth and fine teeth two kinds. Helical teeth less coarse tooth cutter, cutter, high strength, large chip space for roughing; fine-tooth cutter for finishing.

Face milling cutter:
For vertical milling, face milling on a milling machine or machining plane, face and teeth are on the circumference, there are coarse teeth and fine teeth of the points. The structure has the overall style, inlaid tooth and indexable type three kinds.

Stepped surface for machining grooves and so on, and end in the circumferential tooth surface, the work can not be along the axial feed. When the cutter on the end through the center of the tooth, may axial feed.

Three blade cutter:
For processing a variety of grooves and the stepped surface, both side surfaces and the circumferential teeth on both.

Angle cutter:
Angled for milling grooves, a single angle and double angle milling two kinds.

Saw mill:
And cutting the workpiece for machining deep grooves, on its circumference has more teeth. In order to reduce the friction milling, cutter sides 15 '~ 1 ° angle vice. In addition, there keyway cutters, dovetail cutters, T-shaped slot cutters and various shaped cutter and so on.

T-shaped cutter:
T-shaped slot for milling.

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