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Technology article

Wrenches and how to use the methods and attention points?

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Wrench definition:

Both ends of flower ring spanner, which bore a regular hexagon by two concentric staggered 30 ° from each other.

Many wrenches have elbow, common elbow angle between 10 ° ~ 45 °, rotating bolt from the side part and the handle part are staggered. This structure to facilitate the removal of the bolt fitted in the recessed space, nuts, and provide operating clearance for the finger in order to prevent scratches. Used in the supplementary fastening and similar operations, you can use wrench on the bolt or nut torque is applied.

Wrenches come in various sizes, used to select the corresponding size of the bolt or nut wrench. Because the jaw is a double hexagonal wrench can be easily assembled bolts / nuts. This can be in a limited space reinstalled.


Wrenches to use:
When using wrenches, the left hand to push live wrenches and bolts to connect and keep wrenches and bolts match perfectly, and to prevent slippage, right hand holding the other end wrenches and afterburner. Wrench may be bolts, nuts surrounded by all the head, it will not damage the bolt angle, high torque can be applied.


Use Precautions:

Pull the switch, the non-tube sets will be extended on the wrench to extend the length increase torque wrench, to increase the torque wrench is strictly prohibited thump, otherwise it will cause damage to the tool

Do not use the hole with cracks and has been severely worn wrench
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