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Technology article

Tap wrenches supplier

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Tap wrench Guangzhou-largest hardware vendor
Tap wrench is an angular tighten or loosen screws or nuts tool.

Electrician 200,250,300 mm three kinds of commonly used and should be used according to the size of the nut optional.

When used, the right hand grip handle. More rearward hand, pulled up and the more effort. Pulled a small nut, turn the worm because of the need constantly to adjust the size of the mouth pull, so the hand should stay in close proximity to pull lip grip and thumb modulation worm to fit the size of the nut.

Tap wrench for assembly and disassembly of large hex screws or nuts, it can be used outside electrical loading tower like steel structure.

Action principle:
Wrenches, commonly known as eye wrenches, hex nuts or bolts for disassembly. Disassembly is located slightly recessed hex nut or bolt particularly convenient. The use of leverage wrenching bolts, screws, nuts and other threaded bolt or nut adherence sleeve openings or holes firmware hand tools. Special wrench usually one or both ends of the shank portion is formed with an external force is applied to clamp the shank will be able to apply force to the shank twist turn bolts or nuts holding bolt or nut sleeve openings or holes. When used along the threaded shank portion in the direction of rotation force is applied, you can twist turn bolts or nuts.



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