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Technology article

How to choose the Screwdiver Bits

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Screwdriver, English name : screwdriver bits, also called approved Tsui, screwdriver head, by the use of different ways can be divided into electric screwdriver , air screwdriver, impact batch top series.

The first batch of many brands available in the market , the quality is uneven, and some prices are very different, the end will make consumers feel free to spend too confusing , do not know which brand is good, quality stable instability. Japanese brands available in the market in recent years, and the German brand has gradually more up, after all, China is a big country , supporting the production and assembly of these tools market is still getting bigger . Although the first batch of imported good quality, but sometimes really easily make dozens of pieces of a plant's production costs do not fall down . Coupled with the current economic situation is bad , labor costs are high, but also pushed up the cost of materials , but also outside the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate , domestic purchasing power , resulting in many domestic enterprises are struggling to support the cost of compression .

Screwdriver Bits PH2

How do we choose the Screwdriver Bits ?
Let us first analyze impact on the quality of the first batch of several elements :

1 . The Screwdiver Bits of raw materials . The quality of the raw material is essential , to do the best on the market today are made of tool steel enterprises in Taiwan produced S2 alloy steel, chromium molybdenum reasonable S2 alloy element content to better toughness , hardness can also be hardened to HRC58-62. Now they have made ​​S2 alloy steel , but the toughness and torsion , fatigue resistance compared to Taiwan to be a lot worse, the price should be much lower, imitation S2 material is also a lot of bad material can be directly used carburizing hardening process , hardness can reach 59 degrees Celsius, but it is easy to brittle fracture , many enterprises in order to reduce costs awarded the first choice of such raw materials vicious competition , more of a 45 # steel , 40CR do batch up cheap punch denounced market , and its quality can be conceivable .


2 . Screwdriver precision. The first batch of dimensional accuracy can directly affect the life of the first batch , the impact screwdriver into the screw of the best goodness of fit , thus affecting the life of the first batch . Careful users sometimes difficult to find, with a screw head to get homemade batch insert , I feel very loose , you can shake a very calendar harm , and take the first batch to import plug, feels just right, like out of the same mold , that both the quality of the contrast can be imagined.


3 . First the Screwdriver Bits heat treatment process . Heat treatment can improve the chemical properties of the steel , the steel can maximize torque , fatigue resistance , improve quality, each enterprise are not the same heat treatment process , which is a commercial secret .


4 . Screwdriver concentricity correction . Most of the domestic first batch do not go to a branch concentricity correction, the naked eye can see that the rod is bent , especially electric screwdriver , adjustable batch head , a long screwdriver, because the relatively small or longer, or when in the heat treatment process has been bent, so the first batch installed in the power granted or approved the wind up when the yaw rotation will be great , and its head will certainly be very easily damaged.


   So we choose to use , the main attention in these areas , then we will know how to choose the first batch of inexpensive . Also note that different screws choose the right screwdriver, it can reduce the loss screwdriver and screws ; For example, we used Phillips screws , screwdriver , there PH00 PH0 PH1 PH2 PH3 other models , so choosing the right screwdriver is also very important.

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