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Brief introduction Screwdriver Bits

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2013-12-21 18:51:59 Hits:1 Comment:0

screwdriver bits, is now the industry even now an indispensable part of life , many times we will spend driver bits, screwdriver bits can withdraw clenched screw loose and can be used for a variety of shapes screw tightness shift back, so spend driver bits later, you can greatly improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of labor ! !


In manufacturing, workers according to the different screw head will create a variety for different screws screwdriver bits, are: " Slotted head driver bits" , "Phillips head driver bits (cross-type) " , " POZI head driver bits " "Square screwdriver bits (Robertson screwdriver bits) " , " Hex (allen) screwdriver bits " " Torx screwdriver bits, Torx Plus driver bits etc". different head screwdriver can treat different screws different screws must select the appropriate driver bits to quickly clenched and removed. So do not charge a lot of effort will be able to retire clenched or loose screws up .


Just need to gently hold the screwdriver handle, clockwise laps like a basic screw on tightly grabs ; Instead , you want to remove the screws, is the same, only this time we should turn counterclockwise laps will be able to easily remove screws up ! Doing so , not only save a lot of time and greatly improve the work efficiency.


Different driver bits have different functions , usually used to live is the most basic type and a plum -shaped driver bits, of course, are not identical in different places use, manufacturing and industrial use is to have a variety of driver bits a lot, because the manufacturing sector will encounter a variety of screws.

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