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Technology article

How to select the socket tools

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Socket tools is hardware tools commonly used tool , in fact, a socket wrench is also a sleeve , the sleeve of different categories will have different different versions. For example, can be divided into different power-driven hand socket tools , electric and pneumatic socket tools and so on. Socket wrench is an extension of the socket , the sleeve within the scope of the manual , then its role is to fix or disassembly screws. Especially for some special location for the screw , such as a low or deep recess when the location .

Hex Socket Nut Setter M11

Is based on the original socket wrench wrench on the evolution of the traditional to the more suitable for the use of modern engineering , installation can be carried out in various combinations depending on the circumstances , in order to meet the needs of the project. Now in the application of the sleeve has a lot of advantages , and small size , easy to operate , can be used on any work surface , use is not affected by time and environmental factors, which achieved a day job , do not take duration and so on.

In the purchase of a socket wrench , when the main need reference data such two aspects: First, look at the surface , the second is to look inside . First look at the sleeve surface nicks and scratches, although many unscrupulous businesses will now be plated sleeve and other waste treatment as a new product to sell , but the original scratches and burrs is not easy to be concealed. Also optional is a Notice strength and twist the inner wall of the sleeve itself , this test can be achieved through special tools . This sleeve can detect whether the use of standard materials . Also different options for different materials according to the power of the sleeve , the sleeve can be selected manually generally weaker hardness sleeve , but electric, pneumatic , etc. should choose the greater strength of the sleeve .

Sleeve now more mature production technology , products, and can basically meet the usual production needs, but in many special occasions will encounter Specifications inappropriate circumstances, this situation needs to advance to the manufacturer ordered it. We are manufacturers socket tools , the socket tools years of production experience , our products always have a can for you.

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