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Technology article

There may be danger of cutting tools in use

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2014-04-09 00:42:11 Hits:0 Comment:0

In our daily life and work , will inevitably come into contact with the cutting tool , the cutting tools used during the slightest mistake , it will cause physical injury , which hurt it in general will encounter it? And how to prevent it?

Endanger a cutting tool above generally have sharp edges , so take the time to direct hand tools to reach it, it is prone to the phenomenon of touch , the best way is to bring security to take out from inside the box at the time gloves , so their hands would play a protective role .

Hazard Second, the use of the cutting tool , when once did not follow the normal procedure to operate , it would cause the tool itself is damaged, it will result in a serious tool from flying out of the hands of personnel working at this time are likely to suffer after the injury , so the time required during operations staff must be equipped with professional security cover , so to protect their face and eyes, do not worry about the accident happened.

Three hazards in the use of cutting tools for high-temperature operation , it is very easy to have cut down the flying debris appeared , this time may cause these substances falling human body , so when carrying out its work , the worker must wear also necessary clothes, so that will not harm any temperature substance into their body.

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