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Technology article

Kinds of hardware tools

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Home decoration , there are many places to use hardware tools , visiting a hardware market , feeling a lot. I used to think that hardware tools pliers , wrenches , etc. I did not expect hardware tools encompassing a wide variety. Large manufacturing rocket appliances , small needle , are hardware tools.

Hardware Tools name suggests is made ​​of iron , steel, aluminum and other metal fabricated metal components , according to the people's use by forging , rolling, cutting and other physical processing methods , processed into a wide range of life and production tools. Easy to use, fast. Mainly by the following:

A manual hardware tools

Hand hardware tools are the most common hardware tools, is essential to our daily lives appliances. There are various different types of hand tools, tools. Like pliers , screwdrivers class , tape type, hammer type, and so , they are based on the use of metal utensils to points , and each category has a different model .

Second, car care tools

Vehicle maintenance and repair hardware tools used . There tire repair tools, engine repair tools, common maintenance tools , lubrication tools , body warranty tools and other tools. Each part has its own car installation tools, repair tools, beauty tools, do their job , the better for the car escort .

Third, pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are mainly used to output the kinetic energy of the tool. There are rotary , reciprocating two kinds , mainly used to repair, installation , removal of heavy trucks, cars and construction machinery .

Fourth, household hardware tools

There are pots , pots, knives, scissors, needles, etc. , most of them made ​​of iron , bronze, stainless steel and other metals , for people to eat , wear , live with , the line everyday.

Fifth, construction hardware tools

Architectural hardware tool is a general call , practical effects and decorative effect is very good.

Rough breakdown of hardware tools have these, but with the development of science and technology, our lives become increasingly dependent on hardware tools. Into hardware tools , understand it , improve it, make it better for us.

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