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Technology article

The experience of using torque wrench

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2014-09-01 01:06:06 Hits:0 Comment:0
Torque wrench can be divided into two types, that is the constant value and a predetermined value type, is the biggest characteristic is very convenient to use, saves time and effort, and adjustable torque. If the torque wrench is intuitive, and the length is fixed, the wrench torque can be carried out through the pointer and dial good display. Then, in the use of torque wrenches have what experience to be able to talk? Now we have to analyze the concrete!

You can adjust the torque with torque wrench, then strong bolt, namely initial tight, can also end locking. Currently on the market have also imported domestic moment, various types and styles vary, but on closer analysis, its working principle is the same or similar, and there are many similarities in the use of. Now some units use a torque wrench for imported parts, some are using the Chinese, but only the reliable quality is good, can satisfy the demand of production.

In the mounting bolts or nuts and other fasteners can be used for the measurement of torque wrench mounting torque, fastener removal but can not use the removal tool will have tightened, also can't knock, knock or do it with another. In the use of torque wrench, must be handled with care, not be to remove. In order to ensure the effective production quality, it must first check the calibration date when in use, to ensure the effective.

In order to effectively ensure the proper use of torque wrench and the accuracy of measurement, so make sure the applied torque in torque equipment within the prescribed scope. In the use of the torque device, it is necessary to correctly understand the wrench large volume range of technical personnel, but can not be used indiscriminately, to choose a wrench in limited quantities within certain value. The fastening should choose the right joint, otherwise it will cause the torque errors. In the joints must ensure the close contact, and the hardness is enough. If you do not need to use wrenches, that can be placed in a special box, don't be placed, after use to do the cleaning and then put it into the box.
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