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Technology article

Cutting tool need to reduce pollution to reduce production costs

Author:ZHIDAHARDWARE Comefrom: Date:2013-08-03 12:17:58 Hits:1 Comment:0

With the development of technology, the surface properties of Drill Bits have become increasingly demanding. In recent decades the rise of various vapor deposition techniques, the surface engineering technology research and application have made rapid development. These techniques not only to achieve the requirements of the mechanical properties, such as wear, friction and corrosion, but also in electromagnetism, optics, optoelectronics, thermal, superconducting and biology-related functional materials with surface areas of their talents. Surface engineering not only cheap metal material in terms of performance and efficiency play a greater advantage, and has become the development of new types of coatings and an important means of thin film materials with great potential.


With the machining industry level, the tool proposed new requirements. In addition to increasing life outside also required to reduce the pollution of cutting as much as possible to use dry cutting. Cutting fluid can not be completely canceled in time, try to make them rust without containing only organic, so you can make recycling a greatly reduced cost.


Diversity and the use of the cutting tool when the operating state determined by the characteristics of the different options, Jiangsu tool coating. Different turning and drilling, milling and should consider the impact of their intermittent characteristics. Early development of the coating to wear as the main focus in order to improve the hardness as the main indicator. Represented by titanium nitride coating has such a high coefficient of friction (0.4 to 0.6), the processing constant friction between workpiece and generates a lot of heat. In order to avoid deformation of the tool machining accuracy overheating and prolong its service life, usually cutting fluid.


To solve reduce or eliminate the problems caused by the cutting fluid, Carbide End Mill coating should not only make the tool has a long life, and should have self-lubricating function. DLC coating (DLC) to appear in some materials (Al, Ti and composite materials) machining has shown advantages, but after years of research show that the internal stress of DLC coating, high thermal stability is poor and and black metal catalyst effect between the SP3 to SP2 structural changes, three shortcomings, determines that it is currently only used in processing non-ferrous metals, which limits its further application processing machine. However, recent studies have shown that, in the structure of the main SP2 DLC coating (also known as graphite-coated) hardness can reach 20 ~ 40GPa, does not exist with the ferrous metal from the catalytic effect problems, the friction coefficient is have a good moisture resistance low, the coolant can be used when cutting can also be used for dry cutting, its life than non-coating knife has increased exponentially, production of steel materials is not a problem, thus causing the coating company, tool manufacturers very great interest. In time, this new DLC coating will be cutting a wide field of applications.

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